The Stagnone
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The Stagnone

What is stagnone


The Stagnone Lagoon of Marsala is a coastal lagoon located on the west coast of Sicily, Italy. The lagoon covers about 15 square kilometers and has an average depth of about one meter.

The Stagnone Lagoon is known for its wealth of marine fauna and flora, and is an important nesting area for numerous species of migratory birds, including the pink flamingo.

The Stagnone Lagoon is also known for its salt pans, which have been active since Roman times and are still an important source of salt production today. The area is also famous for growing grapes and producing the famous Marsala wine.

The Stagnone Lagoon is a very picturesque and fascinating place, with its crystal clear waters, salt pans, sand dunes and the islands of Mozia and Santa Maria. The area is popular with tourists for water sports activities such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, but also for nature walks and visiting archaeological sites in the area.

Best months for wind at the pond

Marsala’s Stagnone Lagoon is a popular area for water sports practitioners, particularly windsurfing and kitesurfing, due to the presence of constant winds and shallow water, which create ideal conditions for these sports.

The best times to windsurf and kitesurf in the Stagnone Lagoon are spring (April-June) and autumn (September-November). During these months, in fact, thermal winds often occur, blowing in a constant direction from the land to the sea, providing excellent conditions for sailing.

During the summer (July-August), however, winds are less constant and temperatures can become very high, making conditions less favorable for practicing these sports.

Thermal winds can also be found in the Stagnone Lagoon of Marsala during the summer, although they are not as constant and predictable as in spring and fall.

During the summer, in fact, air currents can occur that are generated by the thermal effect of the temperature difference between the land and the sea. These thermal winds can blow in a constant direction from the land to the sea, providing good conditions for kitesurfing.
In general, if you want to windsurf or kitesurf in the Stagnone Lagoon, it is always advisable to check the weather forecast and wind conditions before doing any activity, so as to make the most of the available conditions. We recommend downloading apps such as Windfinder or Windy

where to eat at the stagnone

In the Stagnone area of Marsala, one can find many options for eating and enjoying the local cuisine. Here are some of the best choices:

Bar Saro: You will be able to find the best pastries and gastronia typical of Sicily. It has 2 locations, less than 5 minutes from our kitesurfing school.

Da Pino: a restaurant located in the historic center of Marsala, specializing in fish and seafood dishes. The restaurant has a small outdoor patio and offers a menu specializing in typical Marsala cuisine.

Osteria 48: Perhaps one of the best quality-price compromises on the bill, the owner is friends with every kiter in town, you can’t go wrong.

Bottega del Carmine: located in the historic center of Marsala offers fresh seafood cuisine with modern reinterpretations

At Stagnone we have been kitesurfing since 2000


Sunset aperitifs

Europe’s Most Instagrammed Mill can be found at Mamacuara now SEI, located on the coast of Marsala’s Stagnone, it is a great place to enjoy aperitifs and cocktails in a unique and evocative atmosphere. The mill has been renovated and converted into a bar-restaurant offering a wide selection of drinks and snacks made from local products.

During the summer season, the whole area around the mill is filled with small bar kiosks offering breathtaking sunset views.

The Mill is open year-round, but hours may vary depending on the season. In general, the bar is open from morning until late evening and also offers lunch or dinner, choosing from traditional Sicilian dishes to international cuisine.

In addition to the Mill, in the Kitesurf area of the Stagnone all schools offer kiosks with entertainment and music at sunset.

Nearby beaches

The beaches near the Stagnone Lagoon:

San Teodoro Beach: located on the northwest coast of the lagoon, about 2 km from the Stagnone. This beach is known for its fine sand and crystal clear water. You can stop on the small tongue of sand on the right below the road as soon as you arrive or continue toward the towers where the free beach is located, which provides support toward the crossing on foot to reach Isola Lunga.

Lido Signorino beach: located on the south coast of the lagoon, about 8 km from the city of Marsala and about 20 km from the Stagnone. This beach has golden sand and shallow sea, ideal for families with children.

Torre Sibiliana Beach: located on the northeast coast of the lagoon, about 20 km from the city of Marsala. This beach has a wide white sandy shore and clear sea.

Marausa Beach: located on the north coast of the lagoon, about 5 km from the city by the Stagnone. This beach has golden sand and shallow sea, perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Getting around the stagnone: rentals and more

The Stagnone area of Marsala is quite extensive and there are many attractions to visit, so it is advisable to have transportation to get around comfortably. Here are some options for getting around the area:

Car rental: there are several car rental agencies in Marsala and Trapani-Birgi airport that offer rental cars at reasonable prices. The car makes it possible to explore the area on one’s own and to reach the various localities in the area, such as Marsala, Trapani, and the salt pans.

Bike rental: many accommodations in the area offer bike rental service, which is an environmentally friendly and healthy way to explore the area. The Stagnone Lagoon, in particular, is very suitable for bicycle excursions, thanks to the presence of numerous bicycle paths.

Public transportation: there are several bus routes connecting Marsala and the Stagnone area with major cities in the area, such as Trapani and Palermo. However, the public transportation service is not always very efficient and convenient, so it is advisable to check its schedule and frequency.

Cabs and private transfers: there are several cab companies and private transfer services that offer transportation from the Stagnone area to various destinations, such as Trapani-Birgi airport or nearby cities. However, prices can be high.

In general, car rental is the best option for moving around the Stagnone area of Marsala with greater autonomy and comfort.


The Stagnone area of Marsala is primarily a daytime tourist destination, however, there are some nighttime activities for those looking to have fun after dark. Here are some ideas:

Bars and nightclubs: Marsala has several bar and nightclub options offering live music, drinks, and entertainment. Some of the most popular bars are located along Via XI Maggio and in Republic Square.

Evening walks: Marsala offers a very charming historic center, with many narrow, picturesque streets that become especially picturesque at sunset. An evening walk through the streets of the old town can be a very romantic and atmospheric experience.

Outdoor cinema: during the summer, there are several outdoor film screenings held in different locations in the Stagnone area, such as Marsala and Trapani. These events offer a unique film experience under the stars.

Festivals and festivals: during the summer period, there are several festivals and festivals in different places in the Stagnone area, such as Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, and Trapani. These events offer food, music and entertainment throughout the night.

Beach parties: during the summer time, there are several beaches and bathing establishments that organize beach parties with music, drinks and fun until late at night.

In general, nightlife in the Marsala Stagnone area is fairly quiet and relaxed, however, there are some activities for those looking to have fun after dark.

Visiting the Whitaker museum on the island of Mothia

To visit the Whitaker Archaeological Museum on the island of Mothia, there are several options available:

Organized tours: there are several agencies that offer guided tours of the island of Mothia and the Whitaker Archaeological Museum. These tours are often arranged in conjunction with visits to other islands in the lagoon and include transportation to and from the port of Marsala.

Ferries: there are ferries connecting the port of Marsala to the island of Mothia, where the museum is located. These ferries depart regularly throughout the day and offer a convenient way to reach the island.

Boat rental: for those who prefer to explore the lagoon on their own, it is possible to rent a boat to reach the island of Mothia. The museum is located a short walk from the island’s pier.

The Whitaker Archaeological Museum in Mothia is one of the most important places of interest in the Stagnone area of Marsala, housing important archaeological artifacts from the Phoenician civilization. A visit to the museum provides insight into the history of the island and its ancient civilization, making the experience of visiting the island of Mothia even more interesting and complete.

How to visit the stagnone islands

To visit the islands of Marsala’s Stagnone Lagoon, there are several options:

Boat tours: there are several agencies that offer boat tours of the lagoon, which include visits to the islands of Mothia, Santa Maria and Schola. These tours are led by local experts and offer a comprehensive overview of the lagoon and its islands.

Kayak or SUP rental: One of the most adventurous options for visiting the lagoon islands is to rent a kayak or SUP board. This allows you to reach the islands independently and explore the lagoon at your own pace.

Ferries: there are ferries connecting the mainland to the islands of Mothia and Santa Maria. These ferries depart from the port of Marsala and offer a convenient way to reach the islands and spend a few hours visiting.

Boat rental: for those with sailing experience, it is possible to rent a boat to explore the lagoon and its islands on your own.

In general, a visit to the islands of the Stagnone Lagoon of Marsala is a unique and evocative experience that allows you to discover the beauty of this natural environment. It is advisable to arrange the visit in advance and check the available options according to your needs and preferences.

Distances between Stagnone and Nearby Cities

Here are the distances of Marsala Stagnone from the center of the nearest cities:

Marsala: The Stagnone is located about 10 km south of downtown Marsala.
Trapani: The Stagnone is located about 15 km northwest of the center of Trapani.
Mazara del Vallo: The Stagnone is located about 30 km southeast of the center of Mazara del Vallo.
Palermo: Stagnone is located about 120 km northwest of the center of Palermo.